Return Policy

Return Policy
What items can be returned/exchange/refund?
All products can be returned in the following cases:

Product damage or deficiency.
Product/parts quantity mismatch.
Product description mismatch.
What products are “final sale” (i.e., non-returnable, non-exchangeable)?
All products that have been delivered in a good shape and quantity as per the product description but the customer doesn’t like it.
When things can be returned or exchanged?
For damage/deficiency/quantity mismatch/description mismatch, return, refund or exchange request should be submitted within 48 hours from order delivery time.
For cases such as customer received an empty box or missing item, return, refund or exchange request should be submitted within 24 hours from order delivery time.
In what condition can items be returned?
The product should be tried once and not regularly used.
Returned product should pertain the following:Proper handling or no physical damage.
No damaged or torn out box and label.
Complete manual, warranty certificate.
Complete parts and/or accessories.
How to initiate a return or exchange?
For all return order inquiries, you can reach  customer support through the following channels:

Website “contact us” form.
Customer Support e-mail
Return/exchange process

Login to your snapitbymarah account -> Go to my orders page -> Choose the order you would like to return and pick order ID.
Make a soft copy scan of the received original invoice.
Send across an e-mail to indicating the following in the email subject line (“Return “_” Order ID”)
Describe the case and the return reason in the e-mail message body, you can also attach some photos of the product if needed.
You will be receiving an automated e-mail of your return request indicating the request tracking number.
Customer Support team would contact you via e-mail with the Prepaid shipping label that you are going to print and use it for sending the product back to supplier.
Upon receiving the order, quality assurance team will confirm the status of the product and accordingly send an approval for the refund, replacement or closing the case if one of the above conditions of the product have been shown up and, in such case, product would be shipped back to you.
Customer Support team will notify you with the approval or rejection of the return or replacement request and the delivery time in case of replacement.
In case of refund, such procedure normally takes from 3 to 20 days

Phone: +971512345678
Address: Office# 123, AAA Building No.123, Dubai (UAE)

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